Total cleanliness with flexible service

The MULTISPRAY® static vacuum dryers consist of a cabinet type chamber and a series of heating plates. Both the chamber and plate surfaces are heated by the circulation of fluid.

Technical features:
  • drying surface areas from 0.15 to 32 m2
  • C.I.P. MULTISPRAY® patented fast washing system
  • optimized fluid distribution for a perfect temperature uniformity
  • absolute precision in mechanical machining for high operating vacuums
  • completely smooth geometry and construction and perfect polishing of the heating plates for a total and easy cleaning, in accordance with the extremely demanding cGMP standards
  • minimum surface roughness, rounded edges and maximum internal accessibility
  • "particle-free" trays for complete product recovery
  • nitrogen diffuser for a uniform gas flow on every single plate
  • heated door as an additional process guarantee
  • ready for installation in clean room
  • airtight door cladding
  • automatic door opening system.
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C.I.P. MULTISPRAY® patented fast washing system

With the C.I.P. MULTISPRAY® patented fast washing system, the drying chamber and inner plates can be washed and cleaned in just a few minutes, in a repeatable and certifiable way. An innovative technology designed by Italvacuum to offer a double advantage: guaranteeing a perfect cleanliness of the inner parts using only a minimum amount of washing liquid and preventing the operator from coming into prolonged contact with possible product residues and solvents present inside the dryer. Also, the perfect airtight closing and the special MULTISPRAY® design eliminate any risk of washing liquid contamination in the surrounding environment.

The C.I.P. MULTISPRAY® patented fast washing system consists of:
  • C.I.P. diffuser
  • mobile pneumatic washing unit.
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C.I.P. diffuser

Fixed shelves version

Total cleanliness and absence of any contaminating agents is essential for highly valued and delicate pharmaceutical products. The fixed shelves version satisfies such requirements thanks to the smooth geometry of the heating plates, minimum surface roughness, rounded edges and easy inner accessibility. Also, to make cleaning operations easier, the base of the cabinet is tilted towards the door in order to facilitate the removal and discharge of the washing water.
With a wide front flange and the set-back supporting systems, through the wall installation is possible, further isolating the clean room from the technical area.
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Fixed shelves

Extractable shelves version

The MULTISPRAY® dryer with extractable shelves ensures all the advantages of the fixed plate version, but offers an important added value: it is equipped with shelves mounted on a completely removable single structure, guaranteeing total accessibility to all the internal surfaces exposed to the process. An innovation that makes total cleaning even easier and minimizes the risk of cross contamination in case of frequent changeover operations.

The connection to the heating circuit by means of two fast couplings outside the chamber, allows the plate pack removal without a previous discharge of the heating fluid from within.

The plate pack is removed with the aid of an external hydraulic trolley, completely made of stainless steel and equipped with antistatic polymer wheels. With this trolley the operator can quickly handle the plate pack in extreme safety and without any difficulty. In addition, by using an external hydraulic trolley, no rails or wheels are needed inside the cabinet, that would make cleaning and swab testing really difficult.

The Italvacuum systems comply with ATEX directives and cGMP standards.
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Extractable shelves

Laboratory version

The LaboDry laboratory version was developed for the treatment of highly active pharmaceutical ingredients (high potency API) and to meet the production requirements of small batches. The laboratory version features separate cell construction and skid-mounted auxiliary accessories, ready for installation in a glove box.
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Manufacturing materials

The parts in contact with the product are built in AISI 316L (1.4404) stainless steel. For special applications, where there are problems related to the aggressiveness of the products or solvents treated, materials such as AISI 904L (1.4539), ALLOY C-22 (2.4602) are used, or FDA approved anti-corrosion coatings, for example PFA. For external parts AISI 304L (1.4307) stainless steel is used.
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FDA approved anti-corrosion coatings


  • Maximum production flexibility
  • Best results and efficiency even for small batches
  • Ideal for multiproduct applications and fast changeover operations
  • With the C.I.P. MULTISPRAY® patented fast washing system the chamber and inner shelves can be completely cleaned in just a few minutes, in a repeatable and certifiable way and with minimum liquid consumption
  • Perfect temperature uniformity
  • High operating vacuum
  • Completely smooth geometry and construction, perfect polishing of heating plates
  • Absolute care in manufacturing details
  • "Particle-free" trays for complete product recovery
  • Ideal ergonomics, maximum ease of use and total safety
  • Ready for installation in clean room.

From laboratory to installation: the best way to choose the right industrial equipment

Italvacuum has a complete range of pilot systems, allowing to carry out laboratory and semi-industrial drying tests on customer’s products.
During the test it is possible to take product samples for analysis and change the process parameters at any moment, to define the ideal drying cycle procedure. In this way clients have the possibility to make the most suitable technological decisions for their own requirements.
The execution of the tests is completed and documented with a detailed report on the evolution of the main parameters and conclusions on the tests results.

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All the quality of an integrated system

In addition to the MULTISPRAY® vacuum tray dryer, Italvacuum can also supply components to complete the system, appropriately dimensioned to meet every process requirement:

  • Saurus939 high vacuum pump
  • Vacuum condensation group for reduction of drying times and recovery of extracted solvents
  • Heating and cooling group for system thermal regulation
  • PLC control board for total system management, equipped with software in compliance with the CFR 21 Part 11 standard, that guarantees the reproducibility of dried batches and can interface with centralized control systems.

The ideal solution for any processing

The Italvacuum static vacuum dryers are available in a vast range of dimensions.

Fixed shelves version

Extractable shelves version


W = width D = depth H = height