A consolidated ever evolving technology

Vacuum tray dryers with the MULTISPRAY® patented fast washing system for complete cleanliness of all inner parts.

Best results, ergonomics, safety and flexibility for any product batch. These are the qualities that have always characterised MULTISPRAY® vacuum tray dryers, result of Italvacuum's consolidated experience in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical industry process applications.

But that’s not all, because the important added value that differentiates MULTISPRAY® innovative dryers from conventional systems is that it guarantees total cleanliness of the inner chamber and all heating plates, in compliance with the increasingly restrictive FDA standards and the cGMP standards of good manufacturing. In fact, thanks to the C.I.P. MULTISPRAY® patented fast washing system, the equipment can be completely cleaned in just a few minutes, in a repeatable and certifiable way, minimizing washing liquid consumption.

The MULTISPRAY® vacuum tray dryers can be used in any type of application as there are two versions available, fixed plate and removable plate, the latter particularly indicated for multiproduct usage.

Also, for the production of highly active pharmaceutical ingredients (high potency API) and for R&D activity, Italvacuum has developed the laboratory version LaboDry.

Regulatory compliance